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300 hour Ft. Lauderdale Yoga Teacher Training

Pachi Shanaberger

Pachi grew up in Brasil and first came to the States in 1989. She had her first experience with yoga in 1997 when she was living in upstate New York and working as a fitness trainer. But it was not until she tried Bikram Yoga in 1999 that she began practicing regularly. A couple years later (Fall of 2001) she attended Bikram’s nine weeks long teacher training and began teaching full-time immediately. Having taught Fitness classes and with numerous fitness certifications in the field Pachi felt very confortable teaching a Bikram class from the beginning.

By the end of 2002 she opened her first studio on Maui, HI. Soon thereafter she moved to the neighboring island where she had the opportunity to focus solely on her teaching and practice. For one full year there she practiced the 90 minutes class Twice a day every day.

When Pachi moved back to Florida to be closer to her family she taught at four different studios and continued to practice daily. That’s when she began to explore the 84 postures of the Advanced Bikram Series. Pachi led advanced for the teachers of those studios on a regular basis and began leading it at her own studio when she took over Bikram Yoga Fort Lauderdale in 2010.

In 2010 she attended Paul Toliusis’ Advanced Teacher Training and several other trainings that included different styles of yoga for knowledge but always followed her path with the Bikram method. She has attended three Jedi trainings with Esak Garcia (one hosted at her current studio in Fort Lauderdale) and several trainings with Mary Jarvis to whom she refers as her main teacher. Pachi has participated in the National Yoga Asana Championships for the last 5 years and has placed first in Florida 3 times, including 2016.

Pachi spends her days in total dedication to her studio and her family. She takes great joy in supporting her students with all the information she can provide about the practice and in creating an awesome environment for the greater yoga community of Fort Lauderdale. When She is not in the hot room or in the studio she is spending time with her toddler , her 7year old and with her husband Ben who is a Massage therapist and yogi that runs Prana Bodyworks, the Therapeutic center co owned by the couple that shares space with Bikram Yoga Fort Lauderdale.

Elizabeth Hoffmann

Lizzy Hoffmann

Lizzy Hoffmann founded the Urban Bliss School of Yoga in 2006.

Her first yoga teacher was her mother, who taught her this ancient science in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. Her mom studied with gurus like Muktananda, Satchitananda, and Roy Eugene Davis, and opened Lizzy up to the experience of yoga at a very young age. This would shape Lizzy’s perspective as a young girl and instill in her the values of yoga, such as Ahimsa and conscious vegan eating, which have become lifelong practices for her.

In her youth, Lizzy began dancing with a deep passion and interest. By the time she graduated high school, she was working with professional dance companies across the United States. She received a degree in Dance, Kinesiology, and Choreography in 1986. She considers the joy of movement to be an expression of the miracle of life, a constant source of inspiration.

After exploring dance for many years, Lizzy entered the fitness world with the same fervor she did with dance. She became a presenter for major fitness companies and traveled around the world sharing health and wellness with others. This worldwide journey would lead her full circle back to yoga, to Miami’s Yoga Shala in Southern Florida. It was here that she was introduced to her teacher, Paul Toliuszis, and earned her 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher designation. She has since taught innumerable classes inspired by the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series. In 2006, she founded Urban Bliss School of Yoga and now leads teacher trainings across the southeastern United States.

Lizzy continues to be inspired by teachers like the late Georg Feuerstein, with whom she studied directly for 3 years totaling over 800 hours, and the late Sri. K Pattabhi Jois. She is certified on the 1,500 hour level and holds an E-RYT 200 & E-RYT 500 status with Yoga Alliance. She has a vast knowledge of Yoga History, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Literature, Yoga Therapy, Asana sequencing, Yin Yoga, Holistic Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga for Pregnancy, the Ashtanga Yoga Primary series, and more.

Watch Lizzy teaching a yoga teacher training below.

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